Benefits of Compounding for Pet Owners and their Beloved Animals

Veterinarians sometimes struggle to find the right treatment for their patients. When a medication is available for an unusual condition, it might not be readily available in a dose or a type for the animal a vet needs to treat. This doesn’t mean a sick pet has to go without treatment or that the only choice a vet has is to prescribe an inappropriate dose or type of medication. Compounding is the answer and it helps vets help their patients and pet owners.

Benefits for Pets

Without compounding, veterinarians have to rely on trial and error. Since the pharmaceutical industry focuses more on humans than animals, there simply aren’t enough drugs available for pets. When there are treatments, they may not be suitable for all animals. For example, a family with a pet turtle with a vision problem might have to rely on medication designed to treat a dog’s eyes. With compounding, animal doctors are able to get drugs that will help their patients without causing unnecessary harm through trial and error.

Benefits for Pet Owners

When a vet takes the time to ensure his or her patients have the most appropriate medications, animals recover faster and the family benefits. Using bespoke Compounding for pet owners gives vets a chance to help families in a way they wouldn’t be able to if they had to rely on the pharmaceutical industry to develop and test new treatments. Veterinarians see different pets every day and come across a different conditions regularly. Sometimes there is a treatment available that can be modified to allow a vet to treat all of his or her patients. Other times, an animal comes in with a unique condition that requires a special treatment.

Pets are part of the family and pet owners never want to see them sick. Hearing there is no way to treat an animal simply because a drug isn’t available for that species is unacceptable for most pet owners. Vets who take advantage of the power of compounding are able to give pets a chance to recover and spend more time with the families that love them.